Lawn Mowing San Angelo, TX

Lawn Mower In San Angelo, TX

Whether you are looking for a beautiful backyard or looking to up the value of your house on the market, we are for you. We only use some of the finest cylinder mowers on the market. They have a fixed blade that cuts at the exact precise length that you want it at. The cylinder mowers make the cleanest cut, enabling you to have freshly cut and also promoting healthier and stronger lawn growth that is less prone to weeds and insects. Even if you have long grass, don't worry our gasoline-powered lawn mowers have the capacity to make any lawn look fresh and nice. You can rest assured knowing that even if your lawn is awfully messy, we are able to make it look great again.

It might surprise you to learn that a beautiful, well-maintained lawn can improve your mood and outlook on life. But when it comes to caring for your it, you need to hire an experienced and well-trained landscaping company because if you don't, that can lead to costly substandard results that can do your lawn more harm than good. At San Angelo Landscaping Co, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining gorgeous and healthy lawns in San Angelo, TX. We make sure to work closely with our clients to develop a long-term plan that perfectly fits their needs and budget. From insect control to logging, we only use the safest products out there to protect you and your family. Our ultimate mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.

We believe landscape maintenance should be done on a weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly basis. Keeping up with landscape maintenance every week is the best way to ensure healthy and beautiful plants, lawns. There's more to landscape care than just cutting lawns. From soil health to water management, our well-trained team knows how to keep your property looking its best while also protecting the environment. We are always proud to say that 100% of our green waste is recycled into organic compost. Something that is very important for the environment.

We believe that investing in a great sprinkler system is very important and that can be attainable when you trust our team to supply and install it for your lawn care. Utilizing a sprinkler system eliminates the risk of under or over-watering your yard that's associated with watering manually. You can also save water when you have an efficient irrigation system in place. An automated system will allow you to have a programmed watering schedule, guaranteeing your lawn gets just the right amount of water.

We also believe that having a proper drainage system is important to prevent excess water from gathering around your home's foundation. We use a French drain to prevent this buildup. We dig trenches to drain the water away from your property and redirect it to a street sewer. You can count on our crew to provide a seamless, comprehensive sprinkler installation because we are a company with a comprehensive understanding of these complex systems.

We only utilize durable products that are built to last and assure long-term performance. We conceal the components of the system in a discreet location, giving you the benefit of a sprinkler system without the hassle of the equipment. We promise to give you more time for yourself when you come to us for your irrigation system. You will be saving yourself hours of watering your lawn with a hose. You will also lower your water bill by contacting us for professional sprinkler system installation. Water is distributed evenly on your lawn, so say bye bye to watering the sidewalk.

We are both licensed and insured, you can be sure that you and your property are protected from any accidental damage. When we do the job, we are 100% accountable. That is why so many people choose us as the number one Landscaper in San Angelo, TX


“I am really grateful for the job that was done in my backyard. It’s now looking fresh. Thank you.”

Jessica Jones
Interior Designer

“My lawn is now looking better than it was before. An excellent job and well done. I highly recommend this team”

Jennifer Foxx

“My lawn has been getting a lot of compliments lately because of the job well done. I highly recommend them”

Rachel Luke

Web Designer