Fertilizing San Angelo, TX

Fertilizing In San Angelo, TX

Most homeowners believe that fertilizing just around the edges of your green grassy turf is enough to make it look beautiful. But unless you're fortunate enough to live in a sunny hilly region all year long, fertilizing is definitely not an optional extra. Instead, fertilizing is essential to ensure that your green grass grows strong, healthy and beautiful. Fertilizing your yard doesn't have to take much of your time, that's why at San Angelo Landscaping we are here to help you with your fertilizing as we are equipped with the latest healthy and safe products needed to get the job done.

Most homeowners think of fertilizing in San Angelo only as something you do after green-up: once the grass starts to show up and looks ripe for planting, you can put some fertilizer on it. But by the time your yard is looking unhealthy and pale, it's already vulnerable to bugs, disease, and other problems. We are here to help you get rid of all the bugs, disease that can cause many health problems.

There are two main types of fertilization that we use most of the time: soluble and granular. Soluble fertilizers are available in liquid or powder form, while granular fertilizers must be combined with water before use. There are also pre-emergent fertilizers that can be sprayed directly onto grass. Pre-emergent fertilizers contain a natural organic fertilizer, rather than nitrogen, which makes them particularly appealing to homeowners who don't have a large amount of time on their hands, that's when we come in to make your job easier.

The main difference between a granular fertilizer and a liquid fertilizer is the texture and concentration of the ingredients. A granular product contains loosely packed, fine particles that are highly concentrated, providing excellent quality nutrients for lawn plants. Because of this, the roots of grass and other soil organisms absorb more nutrients and stay healthier. On the other hand, water-soluble fertilizers, such as compost, are absorbed more slowly and are less concentrated.

It's important to fertilize your lawn with a good amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are the three most important nutrients for the grass to grow and flourish. Fertilizing your lawn with a poor mixture of any one of these elements won't give you the results you want. That's why you need professionals to do it the right way. When you use an improper fertilizer, you may see poor growth or an expensive nitrogen loss on your initial lawn experiment.

Liquid fertilizers contain lots of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with some B-vitamins, iron, and copper. Because these trace elements are absorbed slower by the grass than by the soil, using a liquid fertilizer often results in a faster absorption rate. This results in faster grass growth and an abundance of these trace elements in the soil. However, because the concentrations of these trace elements are lower in these types of fertilizers, they are less effective at fertilizing the lawn.

So you might ask, what is the best type of fertilizers? We are glad you asked, the best fertilizers are organic fertilizers because they have a much higher concentration of all three trace elements. When applied correctly, you will see an increase in your garden crops from the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are already contained in your soil. In addition, organic fertilizers will have natural weed killers added to them that will kill any weeds in the lawn in addition to providing the extra nutrition that your grass needs. We are here to help you choose the right fertilizers for your garden, yard so we can guarantee the best results.

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